Are you pulling my leg, mate?

Sometimes in conversation people exaggerate, tell little (big) white lies, or try to banter/joke with each other. Maybe you don’t believe something or somebody, find it far-fetched or are surprised and shocked.

How to respond? – Here are 10 top ways – beware there are some naughty ones – well it is Fun on Friday.

  • Are you pulling my leg? 
  • No kidding.
  • Come off it.
  • You’re bullshitting me*/ That’s a load of BS. 
  • You’re taking the Mick/piss*. 
  • Get away/real.
  • You can’t be serious.
  • Are you winding me up? / Is this a wind-up?
  • That’s rubbish/cobblers*/bollocks**.

*be careful ** be very careful

to exaggerate (übertreiben), to tell little (big) white lies (fromme Lüge erzählen), to banter/joke with sb (scherzen), far-fetched (weithergeholt), naughty (unanständig) to pull sb’s leg? (jdn auf den Arm nehmen), no kidding (kein Scherz), come off it (Red doch keinen Unsinn), to bullshit sb (jdn verscheißern), to take the Mick/piss* (jdn verarschen), to wind sb up (jdn veräppeln), “That’s rubbish/cobblers*/bollocks** (Schwachsinn / N.B. bollocks can also mean Eier/Hoden ).

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