Are you pulling my leg, mate?

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Are you pulling my leg, mate?

Sometimes in conversation people exaggerate (übertreiben), tell little (big) lies (Lügen erzahlen), or try to banter (sich necken)/joke with each other.

Maybe you don’t believe something or somebody, find it far-fetched (weithergeholt) or are surprised and shocked. How to respond? –

Here are my 10 top ways – beware there are some good ones:

• Are you pulling my leg? (jdn. auf den Arm nehmen)
• No kidding.
• Come off it. (Red doch keinen Unsinn)
• You’re bullshitting me*/ That’s a load of BS (bullshit).
• You’re taking the Mick (jdn veräppeln)
• You’re taking the piss*. (jdn verarschen)
• Get away/real.
• You can’t be serious.
• Are you winding me up? / Is this a wind-up? (jdn verarschen)
• That’s rubbish / cobblers*/ bollocks**(Schwachsinn / N.B. both can also mean Eier ).

*be careful ** be very careful

Have a great weekend.

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