Awesome Aussie (Australian) Company.

How’s about a four day week, a mini-weekend on the hump day, another two days of grind and then the weekend? Sounds too good to be true!

Yep, that’s what I thought when I read this title of a BBC article: “The Australian company that banned work on Wednesdays.” (link below) Where’s the catch? Do the employees have to forfeit pay? No. Do they have to work longer hours on the other days? Nope. Do they do without their annual paid leave? Double nope, definitely NOT. They are literarily paid to take the Wednesday off.

You hear a lot about companies coming up with a whole host of perks to keep their employees happy from free meals to paid fitness studio fees but a full paid day off is a new one on me.

After I’d picked myself up off the floor, I started thinking about the logistics, the nitty-gritty and at the end of the day – what about the company’s bottom line?

Of course, I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun and let the cat out of the bag – go read for yourself and if you want a little help with vocabulary,  feel free to download the PDF “25 words for an awesome Aussie company”.…e-aussie-company/

I’m sure some company will come up with the idea of giving us a Monday or Friday off too. If you hear about it first, drop me a line at

hump day (Mitte der Arbeitswoche / Mittwoch), grind (Maloche ), catch (Haken), employees (Arbeitnehmer), to forfeit sth (etw verlieren), nope (Nein), to do without sth (auf etw verzichten), annual (paid) leave (Jahresurlaub), to come up with sth (mit etw ankommen), a whole host of (jede Menge), perks (Vergünstigungen), the nitty-gritty (hier: die Detailen) , the bottom line (Nettoprofit), to spoil sb’s fun (Spaß verderben), to let the cat out of the bag (ein Geheimnis verraten)

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