Awesome Aussie English

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Fun on Friday:

If there’s one accent I adore in the English speaking world, it’s the Australian one. To the untrained hear the first encounter could be tricky, especially if they speak quickly using their short forms and slang.

In this interview Aussie hero Daniel McConnell recounts how he helped police catch a vandal in nothing but his jocks. Just take a listen and here are a few words to help you along.

undies = jocks = underpants

bloke = man

mate = friend

to scoot = to quickly leave/go

40 odd = just over 40

bar = except for

cheers = thanx

Here’s a lesson for us all from our Aussie mate, “You look after your mates & your mates will look after you.”

Have a great Friday & weekend.

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