Back to the bad old days.

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As France celebrates winning its second world cup, the 3rd/4th place clash (Auseinandertreffen) between Belgium and England long since forgotten. As Abba said “The winner takes it all” and nobody really gives a shit about the rest.

It 10/20 years time the odd pundit (Experte) or commentator may point out (auf etw hinweisen) that England finished 4th in 2018 but for everyone else it’s irrelevant. I do hope this same pundit/commentator will go on to say and “that was the birth of England’s 245th golden generation and they went on to win ………”!!!!

Pitted against (jdn gegen jdn kämpfen lassen) the golden generation of Belgium, England looked more a Bronze Age golden generation and although there have been some significant (wesentliche) changes for good compared to previous English ‘golden generations’ namely the team spirit, a steady (solide) goalie (Torwart) and a set-piece (Standardsituation) supremacy (Herrschaft) and even a victorious penalty shootout (Elfmeterschiessen).

It’s the inability (Unfähigkeit) of the team to score from open play (aus dem Spiel heraus), which will have to improve otherwise this golden generation won’t have a cat in hell’s chance of (nicht den Hauch eine Chance haben) ever winning anything. The 2nd Belgium goal epitomises (versinnbildlichen) what is still wrong in the team. They lost the ball in the Belgian half after (patiently!!!!! Why???!!!) passing the ball around outside the penalty box (Elfmeterraum) trying to create a chance. They started passing backwards AGAIN, there was an interception (den Ball abfangen) and Belgium was off like the clappers (sehr schnell). A couple of touches (Ballrührung) later it was GAMEOVER.

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    I’m sorry, I really am. However, there is also someone else to blame for not winning against Belgium: Mick Jagger who watched the game in the stand. How can England win with Jagger being in the stadium, a man that sings about watching England lose? Self-fulfilling prophecy! Ok, the song is from 2017 but every scape goat helps to get through this defeat. 😉

    „I went to see England, but England’s lost
    I went to see England, but England’s lost
    And everyone said we were all ripped off
    I went to see England, but England lost
    Lost, lost, lost
    It wasn’t much fun standin‘ in the rain
    And we all yelled loud and we all complained
    Wasn’t much of a game
    I got soaked
    Didn’t look home anyway“
    (From Mick Jagger, England Lost)

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