“Bayer shares tumble over weedkiller case”

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(Newspaper) Headlines are often really tricky to understand. Check out today’s headline on the BBC website.

“Bayer shares tumble over weedkiller case”

We all know the story. ‘Shares (Aktien), to ‘tumble’ means to ‘fall rapidly in value or amount’ (hier: abstürzen) – the media often use more ‘impactful’ (wirkungsvoll) words to catch our eye or stimulate interest. Another words often used in this context it ‘to plunge’ or ‘to plummet’ (absinken/stark fallen)

It went on “Bayer insists (beharren) glyphosate use is safe, but its market value drops after the record California payout (Auszahlung).

Hope that helped to understand what is behind the headlines.


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