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This is the BBC 1 minute news with Teatime Titbits 26.07.2018. Unfortunately they updated the news 1 hour ago and so these items of vocabulary are not all relevant anymore. But what the hell, here’s the link to the updated news anyway.

5 words you may (already) know

victim = Opfer

investigation = Untersuchung (to be underway = im Gange sein)

lead = führen

opponent = Gegner syn: supporter = Fürworter

tariff = Zoll

5 words you need to know

devastation = Verheerungen

arson = Brandstiftung

ballot = Stimmzettel

vote rigging = Wahlbetrug

subsidy = Subvention

5 nice to know

to rule out = etw ausschließen

to exceed = überschreiten

to allege = Hier = unterstellen/vorwerfen

to reject claims = Behauptungen zurückweisen

to head sth (war/dispute) off = etw abwenden

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