Black Friday 50% off deal

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Black Friday 50% off deal

Why waste time on the net looking for ‘How to’ information, when the ‘Workplace English Toolkit’ WET has everything in one place in the ‘How to speak/write like a native’ section.

Get 50% off the WET with the code: 50PERCENTWET – today only:

SAVE even more time by copying & pasting useful phrases from the ‘Cheat Sheet’ section directly into your text/mail or simply print out the pages for quick reference.

The mini-mail dictionary gives you some of the most common German words e.g. ‘ ‘helfen’ and gives you a formal (assist), standard (help) or informal (give sb a hand) with complete phrases for you to copy and paste into your mails.

Get it today, keep it anywhere, pass it on and get updates for free:

What’s more, it’s a PDF book so it can go with you wherever you go, be put on any devices and given to family, friends, colleagues and the dog Fluffy if you want. The biggest benefit is that the book isn’t FINISHED –all future updates are free.

Still not sure? – 30 DAY REFUND, NO QUESTIONS asked.


Is this book really for you, value for money? Just buy it and find out. I have 30 day refund policy if you are not happy with the book.

Copy & paste this code: 50PERCENTWET, this link and send it to someone it can help.


Education, time-saving hack – all in one. All for a great price. Hurry offer lasts only today.

Whatever you are buying on Black Friday – have a great one!!!!

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