Body parts have a meeting.

I really love the short videos by the Irish YouTubers Foil, Arms and Hog. The videos are well-made, hilarious and crack me up.

Unfortunately, they are challenging to understand because the lads speak with Irish accents, fast and use a lot of play on words.

Here’s a Padlet I made for my more advanced students to help them understand the vid. Simply work through the Padlet (You can only ‘read’ it) below by:

  1. Finding out what the names of the body parts are and explaining what they are and do in your own words.
  2. Download a PDF of important vocabulary to help you understand the video.
  3. Finding out about some of the play on word parts of the video
  4. Reporting back which body part was your favourite and why.

Mit Padlet erstellt

All a bit of fun, for a ‘Fun on Friday post’ and a lockdown weekend. Enjoy.

hilarious (extrem lustig), to crack sb up (jdn zum lachen bringen ), lads (Jungs), play on word (Wortspiel)

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