Boris for President

Boris for (US) President!!!!! Could he be the first person in history to be both the British Prime Minister and the US President?

He actually has all the prerequisites, dual nationality, born in USA – that’s why Arnold Schwarzenigger could never become US president as he was born in Austria.

My hunch is that this is his master plan and he’s just broken through the first hurdle by becoming British PM. Will the Americans take to his Britishness, though? I’m sure, he’ll be testing the water in the coming years during visits to the States.

On a lighter note, if hairstyle is anything to go by, he’s the man!

Prerequisite (Voraussetzung), dual nationality (Doppelstaatsangehörigkeit), naturalised (eingebürgert), hunch (Ahnung), to break through a hurdle (ein Hindernis überwinden), to take to sth (etw mögen), to test the waters (das Terrain sondieren), on a lighter note (um zu etw Erfreulicherem überzugehen), if … anything to go by (nach jdm/etw zu urteilen

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Yes, he’s got the look for an US presidency but there are way more similarities: a prominent family with interesting background, a smattering of everything and a knowledge of nothing, a hot temper, no heart for details and correct information… yep, sounds like a good president of the „United Kingston“ as he was promoted to by Ivanka Trump

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      I guess you’re right, first another term with Trump (1) and then the British Trump (2) follows Trump (1) and maybe two terms of British Trump (2) is 4 times Trump (1 & 2) – ehh?!! I wonder where the world’ll be then?!

      • Jenny Antworten

        At least we can rely on Russia: As long as Putin can ride his horse bare-chested and beats his staff in icehockey he’ll still be in power even after Trump term no. 20 😉 ok, there might be walls, ditches and WW3 will have been started by a stupid tweet at the whim of Trump 1 or 2 but Putin will stil be there drinking his beloved Radeberger Pils sneeringly and will enjoy the show.

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