I’d be a millionaire now, if I got a €uro every time I got the question “And, is there gonna be a Brexit, then?”, as if I had a direct line to Boris, or am a fortune teller.

It’s all water under the bridge since the whole thing started back in god-knows-when and I certainly don’t want to dwell any more on the rights/wrongs or possibly predictions.

In all this time, incredibly difficult negotiations have obviously been taking place in the background between the UK and the EU to come to an amicable agreement.

In his video, Sebastian Hawkins, (Hawkins Consulting) highlights the lessons we can learn from the Brexit negotiations. I fully recommend his negotiation seminars  – they are engaging, informative, interactive, and worth every €uro I spent on them.

fortune teller (Wahrsager), it’s all water under the bridge (seitdem ist viel Wasser den Bach heruntergeflossen), to dwell on sth (sich mit etw aufhalten), prediction (Vorhersage), to take place (stattfinden), to come to an amicable agreement (sich freundschaftlich einigen), to highlight sth (etw herasusstellen), to fully recommend sth (uneingeschränkt empfehlen), to be engaging (fesselnd)

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    Fun Fact: In the UK Sky News has even launched a pop-up TV channel dedicated to Brexit-free news. Hilarious! 😉

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