Can we start dreaming?

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Can we start dreaming? Match Report a la Teatime Titbits

We are a terribly excitable (sehr erregbar sein) bunch (Haufen) we England fans and one play of the extremely happy & catchy (eingänglich)‘Football’s coming home’, we start a singing, a shouting, a dancing and a dreaming – could it really be this time?

Living in Germany gives me distance from the hype (Rummel) back home but when I switch on British TV, it doesn’t take long before you get how barmy (verrückt) the country is getting about 11 players (a rest of the squad), a manager and a round thing.

To the game itself, yes, we did actually win against a Sweden, who parked three buses (sich hinten reinstellen) and only drove one out to travel up field and to then quickly about-turn (kehrtmachen) to base camp.

All the BBC pundits (Experte) including your man, Jürgen Klinsmann, were very positive about the English performance but it seems to me that they will have to step up their game (eine Schippe drauflegen) if they want to beat Croatia, let alone, (geschweige den) win the cup.

Have a great start to the week and what’s your prediction for Wednesday?

2 Gedanken zu „Can we start dreaming?

  1. Jenny Antworten

    England’s gonna win the World Championship (or shouldn’t we call it European Championship by now?! 😉 ), I’m sure of that. I decided (yep, decided, not guessed 😉 ) last week that we will have a final match between England and Belgium on Sunday. So far it seems I’ve been right. Nevertheless, I won’t predict a final score for Wednesday – we don’t want to challenge Murphy’s Law, do we?

  2. Jenny Antworten

    FIFA, I said FINAL match not 3RD PLACE match! Why don’t you do what I say? Just listen, it’s so easy…. but no, you think you know everything better like a stubborn little child.

    So here we are on a grey Thursday morning feeling saddened by the avoidable and useless suffering you caused. We should be cheering by now! Unfortunately we weren’t destined to dream just one more night.

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