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“Cartoons, come on, are you taking the mick, Dave?” “NOPE!” You’re never too old for cartoons and it is fun on Friday after all. Whether it’s sitting on the couch with (grand)sons & (grand)daughters, nieces or nephews, switching off from the daily grind, laughing with them, seeing their happy faces – escapism pure – bliss! What are they into Peppa Pig, Thomas the tank engine, Fireman Sam or for the older ones Peter Rabbit, or Scooby Doo?

Where do you think they learn their language? The people around them at home, (pre-)school, friends and family as well as from stories you read to them or, god forbid, YES, those times you PARK your kids in front of the box to catch a breath or take care of something important. I often wonder where my son (8) picks up some of his English words – the English language story CDs he often listens to.

You’re never too old to watch cartoons because the characters often speak a little slower, clearer and don’t normally use difficult words. What’s more, you can understand a lot from the pictures and with time you can slowly pick out common new words & phrases. Take a leaf out of kids book and watch this episode of Fireman Sam (FS)*  and tell me you didn’t learn a single new word and I’m sure you secretly had a lot of fun! Go on, find the kid in you!!!!

*Don’t underestimate FS because the characters all speak with Welsh accents because it is set in Pontypandy (a made-up Welsh coastal town).

To take the mick (out of sb) (jdn veräppeln), nope (nein), niece (Nichte), nephew (Neffe), to switch off (abschalten), grind (Maloche), bliss (Glückseligkeit), god forbid (Gott behüte), box (hier: Fernseher), to catch a breath (durchatem), to take care of sth (sich um etwas kümmern), to wonder (sich fragen), to pick sth up (etwas aufschnappen), what’s more (und außerdem), to take a leaf out of sb’s book (sich an jdm/etw ein Beispiel machen), episode (Folge), to underestimate (unterschätzen), to be set in (spielen im/in), made-up (erfunden)

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