Christmas card formulations for you!

As may know, sending Xmas cards is a BIG thing in the UK especially when it comes to family, relatives, friends and even acquaintances with specialised greeting card chains like etc. are full of Xmas cards from the traditional to comical and simple cards (picture/verse), large sized cards, personalised cards to even musical ones.

If you are thinking of sending cards this year or waiting for the last-minute mail, you’ll probably be wondering what exactly you can write. Here are 3 I prepared earlier:

Dear ….(so-and-so)

Wishing you (all/both) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All the best for 2020.

Yours etc


If you’re looking for a more professional message: Here goes

“Dear …..(so-and-so)

All of us at (Business English Coaching) would like to wish you (all) at (Hawkins Consulting) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to 2020 and a continuing successful cooperation

Yours …”

“Dear …..(so-and-so)

With this festive message, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation / loyalty / support) during 2019.

We look forward to working with / serving you further in 2020.

Wishing you (all) a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes.”

Hope they help. I highly recommend you send out Xmas cards to business as well as privately because they are very greatly appreciated. As the saying goes ‘It’s the thought that counts’

Downloads these examples to copy & paste for this and every Christmas to come and imagine the happy faces as they open your Crimbo card!

relatives (Verwandte), acquaintances (Bekannte), greeting card (Glückwunschkarte), chain (Kette), to wonder (sich fragen), to be greatly appreciated (sehr willkommen sein), ‘It’s the thought that counts’ (Der gute Wille zählt). Crimbo (slang for Christmas).

4 Gedanken zu „Christmas card formulations for you!

  1. Jenny Antworten

    And now you can make a telly for all the Crimbo mails and cards you’ll get that contain your copy/paste templates. 😉 nevertheless, thank you! Especially your inspiration for business purposes is very helpful!

    • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Good point Jenny. 1. our flat screen telly is on the wall for perfect Liverpool FC viewing – cards would just fall off!! and 2. no cards please – just think of the paper!!! a mail will do fine!!!!!

      • Jenny Antworten

        Aaaahhh, typo!!!! It‘s tally, not telly! Autocorrection drives me crazy… tries to turn every word into German. My old mobile phone was used to writing English, my new one‘s still learning. Sorry.

        Come, Mr tally man, tally me banana…

        • Dave Preston Autor des BeitragsAntworten

          Not to worry, ‚make a telly‘ did seem a bit odd at first but I assumed it was a typo so I went & ran with the telly thing – was able to get my paperless point over, which MAY warn people off sending me a REAL card. A simple Merry Christmas is cool for me.

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