Christmas Chat.

Tuesday Teaser. Last week in my company work I had some groups do this exercise, which they enjoyed and most importantly – got them talking.

Imagine you were in one of the groups. Ask your partner about the following points and, of course, give your answers too.

Part 1. How would you formulate the questions. (If you are interested in getting my sample questions, go to ‘Christmas Chat’.

Here are the points below.

  1. Spend Christmas day (25.12) and Boxing day (26.12)
  2. Best ever Christmas present
  3. Favourite Christmas song
  4. Most looking forward to
  5. Most dreading
  6. bought all the presents yet
  7. Spend New Year’s eve (31.12)
  8. Make New Year’s resolutions

Part 2. How would you answer them? Briefly some blueprint answers:

  1. I’m spending Christmas day with my family at my parent’s place. On Boxing day we are spending the day with the in-laws.
  2. My best ever Christmas present was a snooker table when I was 12.
  3. My favourite Christmas song is ‘Merry Christmas, everyone’ by Slade It reminds me of pre-Christmas times when I lived in England and Christmas songs were everywhere all the time.
  4. I’m most looking forward to spending time with my parents because I don’t see them all that often.
  5. I’m most dreading the tradition of watching the Queen’s Speech on Christmas day.
  6. No I haven’t yet.
  7. I’m meeting up with friends and celebrating NY together.
  8. Yes, I’ve already made my NY resolution!.

I’m going to make 2020 my health year. (Use ‘be going to’ for plans) etc.

To gear up for sth (sich auf etw vorbereiten), to imagine (sich vorstellen), to look forward to sth (sich auf etw freuen), to dread sth (etw fürchten), New Year’s resolutions (Neujahrsvorsätze), in-laws(Schwiegereltern)

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