Christ’s sky journey, a bridge day & a weekend.

Inspired by the literal translation above, I thought you might like to find out my TOP 10 favourite funny literal translations. So here we go:

  1. Christ’s sky journey
  2. Dust sucker.
  3. Up goes the post.
  4. I believe I spider.
  5. Don’t go me on the cookie.
  6. I understand train station.
  7. (On a Spa website) “Massage on the back side (= Arse)”
  8. (On a flyer at a hotel) “Please enjoy your stay in full trains”

The last are my absolute favourites because they are German towns you could visit over the ‘Christ’s sky journey’ break if you were that way inclined.

9. Backside monkey’s castle

10. Horny churches.

Can you guess all the German phrases? Here’s a last one for you “I wish you all what, Dave!!!!!!”

literal translation (wörtliche Übersetzung), to be that way inclined (geneigt sein)

Enjoy your Christ’s sky journey or rather Ascension Day.

BTW download the free PDF list of German public holidays (translated correctly) by clicking on this link

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