Collocations galore.

Collocations are extremely useful in English too. Learners often translate out of their native language and hope that it is the same in English. Here is a list of 10 sets of common verb collocations:

  1. Do business / your homework / a deal
  2. Make money / a loss / a decision
  3. Take a long time / a decision / appropriate measures
  4. Have a meeting / shares in a company / something to eat
  5. Meet a deadline / customer’s expectations / a target
  6. Complete a form / a task / project
  7. Carry out a plan / research / a market survey
  8. Achieve / a breakthrough / a target / little
  9. Reach a decision / an agreement / a target
  10. Make a living / a phone call / a profit

Tip. Using an index card per verb, why not write the collocations in the form of a mind map with the verb in the middle and the partner words around the verb?

Along the line to the partner word you could also write an example sentence. You can add more partner words whenever you meet one.

galore, (satt), index card (Karteikarte)

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