Cultural Differences.

Tiny Titbit. Cultural Differences.

As the proverb recommends: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans.’ (Andere Länder, andere Sitten). When attending a meeting in Britain, don’t knock on the table to applaud a good job (in a presentation) etc, clap (Klatschen) like the rest.

If you’ve got a question to ask, don’t say ‘I’ve got a question’ when you put your hand up (it’s obvious (offensichtlich) because you put your hand up!), and definitely don’t start click your fingers to get attention, simply fire away and ask or wait until invited (hier:auffordern) to speak.

Finally & most importantly, (be ready to) engage in small talk and don’t rush to get down to business. Remember the Sandwich Principle: Small talk, business, small talk.

So fingers crossed (Daumen drücken) for the next one!!

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