Daily Learn

Breaking traditions today for a good cause – no Tuesday Teaser! But instead an announcement about a new service @ https://teatimetitbits.de/daily-learn/

With over 350 archived posts (and growing) over in the blog section, just waiting, itching to be read and devoured, ultimately learnt from and LIKED !!, I decided to set up the “Daily Learn” section for you to make the most of your time @ Teatime Titbits.

I will link up older posts (below) for you to browse through and read whenever you want. Every now and again, I’ll switch them round to give you another batch to have a go at. Enjoy.

For those Tuesday Teaser fans – never fear, the following Teaser is in your Daily Learn:https://teatimetitbits.de/tuesday-teasers-confusing-little-blighters/

to be itching to do sth (es kribbelt jdn in den Fingern, etw zu tun), devoured (aufgefressen), ultimately (letztendlich), to browse through (durchsuchen), every now and again (hin und wieder), batch (Bündel), to have a go at (in etw hineinschnuppern),

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