My faves, further education, footy & fun. Did that surprise you? If you are a true Titbitonian then probably not. ‘Refusing To Settle’ is a channel I watch for my own self-development especially in the field of ‘online business’, ‘book summaries’ and ‘motivation’. I particularly like his book summaries because I think he is great at condensing the books and presenting them in an entertaining and easy-to-consume way. Why not check out this book summary ‘10 best ideas- Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki’? (Click link) This book is also on my free PDF ‘The Ultimate 5 books for 2020’. (Click link) Grab it now and get reading.

There are many interview channels, which have popped up in YouTube over the last few years like the Jo Rogan Experience I mentioned on Wednesday. ‘London Real’ is another one, which also interviews inspiring people from the fields of business, sports, self-development etc. What about an interview with Boris Becker on ‘How he reached the Wimbledon Hall of Frame’?

Why should you watch Sky Sports football debates, especially if are somebody who couldn’t give two hoots about football, much less listening to debates on the topic. Plain and simple, you can pick up an array of real English (discussion) phraseology, if you can understand the pundits. That’s the next challenge, you get to hear various accents like scouse (Liverpool) with Jamie Carragher (JC), Mancunian (Manchester) with Gary Neville (GN), Scottish with Graeme Souness  like in this debate when GN & JC have a HEATED disagreement about tactical set-up. Click link.

Friday is fun day, so what better than to finish off with two of my favourite ‘fun’ channels. I’ve talked about them both before but here’s a reminder. Firstly, ‘Wheezy Waiter’ is a very popular American YouTuber – in this one, he goes ‘without the internet for 30 days’. Hilarious! (click link). Secondly, ‘Foil, Arms and Hog’ are 3 Irish lads, who produce fantastic short sketches and is great training for the Irish accent and understanding play on words as well as Irish/English humour. What about ‘WTF is Brexit?’? or jump straight in and watch ‘Our top 10 sketches 2009 – 2019’.

That’s it guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed the 10 day challenge and will have a lot of new choices of things to watch going forward and ultimately help you to improve your English in an entertaining and enjoyable way. Please leave any comments below!

summary (kurze Zusammenfassung), to condense sth (etw zusammenfassen), easy-to-consume (hier: leicht zu verstehen), to pop up (auftauchen), to not give two hoots about sth (“mir ist etw egal”), much less (ganz zu schweigen), plain and simple (klar und einfach), an array of (eine Reihe von), pundit (Experte), reminder (Erinnerung), hilarious (sehr lustig),  lads (Jungs), play on words (Wortspiel), guys and gals (Jungs & Mädels), going forward (von jetzt an), ultimately (letztendlich)

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