Did he go or was he pushed?

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Did he go or was he pushed? The language of quitting.

Boris Johnson resigned (zurücktreten) yesterday as Foreign Secretary, as did the chief Brexit negotiator David Davis, coincidence (Zufall)? When two staunch (hier:Stramm) Brexiteers throw the towel in (das Handtuch werfen) now, then something has be amiss (da stimmt etwas nicht).

Although I don’t really like talking politics in Teatime Titbits, the two handing in their resignation/notice inspired me to talk about the ‘language of quitting‘ as well as putting in my two cents (meinen Senf dazu geben) on Brexit, namely there WON’T be one!

What did you say, Dave? Yes, I’m sticking my neck out (sich in etw rauslehnen) here and I will probably be proven totally wrong but my gut feeling (Bauchgefühl) and all the indications (for me at least) are that there won’t be one.

One of the biggest arguments against the Brexit happening actually lies in Ireland – the border (Grenze) between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland . A Brexit would mean there has to be a real (physical) border and that doesn’t go down well (nicht gut ankommen) on both sides. (Type in “Brexit Irish Border“ in YouTube and to get a real eye-opener watch the BBC Newsnight “Brexit, dissidents and the Irish border“ –

Would there then be a referendum in NI to break away from the UK? Would that then reignite (wieder anzünden) serious secterian violence (sektiererische Gewalt) in NI, which has (greatly) reduced over the years ? Would the Scots then want a 2nd Scottish Independance Referendum ( the YES vote may well win through the next time?) And Wales? In short, the UK would break up leaving England and Wales (if at all) on their own, not a United Kingdom or Great Britain in sight.

At the time of the Brexit referendum, few people could really imagine the full implications (Konsequenzen) of a Brexit and most Brexiteers probably really ONLY wanted to send a strong message to the powers that be (Machthaber) in London and Brussels. Unfortunately, the people against Brexit were so confident (hier: zuversichtlich) they had victory in their pocket that many just didn’t even bother (es nicht für nötig halten, etw zu tun) to vote.

I believe they went of their own accord (unaufgefordert) – frustrated by the turn of events (Wende der Ereignisse) but I have a sneaking suspicion (leiser Verdacht) we have haven’t seen the last of Boris Johnson and Theresa May had better (sollte lieber) watch out.

Food for thought. Did you know Boris has dual nationality (Doppelstaatsangehörigkeit) – British and you’ve guess it, American? First British Prime Minister and the Trump successor (Nachfolger) – a HAIR raising thought, eh?

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    And Boris was even born in the USA! Thus, all requirements for a potential presidency would be fulfilled. Trump 2.0. Kinda scares me 😉

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