Don’t talk to me about Brexit.

Brexit, Brexit everywhere and in the week of the general elections in the UK, Brexit again is being jammed down our throats as the result could have a great impact on the future of Brexit or maybe not, if there is no clear decision.

You don’t have to be a genius at reading between the lines to understand that I personally and I’m sure most other people are sick of the topic and just want a decision, one way or the other and soon.

The above titled article was in the December issue of World & Press with the interesting sub headline:  “How a Brit living in Germany coped after that EU referendum”.

‘Cope’ may sound a bit OTT (over-the-top) but I do believe it is actually the right word. The moment I started the reading the text, I found myself nodding, saying ‘Yes’ to myself and realizing I was alone, then say out loud Y-E-S too right!!!!. In short, the woman in the text could have been ME!

The following quotes are taken from the article and here are my reflections on the topic:

“My colleagues (all Anglophile – I’m an English teacher) asked me in an accusing tones what I thought and I found myself on the defence.“

Yep, as if I represented the whole of Britain! Could I be to blame for something I couldn’t even take part in, because ….

“When  you’ve lived for more than 15 years outside the UK, you lose the right to vote”

So I didn’t even vote, god damn it (sorry for the blasphemous language!!)

“I rang my parents to finally vent my anger: “Which idiots voted for Brexit?” “We did, was their reply. ”

Actually I didn’t call me parents and I’ve never asked them either but it brought it home to me how the generation gap proved a huge factor in the swing for ‘leave’

“Please don’t get me wrong. I am not a blind supporter of the EU. However, I’d have preferred us to channel our energy into improving the EU as an institution. But no one asked me.”

Couldn’t agree more!

“Only the fee (€255) made me pause ….. and even the Einbürgerungstest wasn’t going to stop me. I became a German-British citizen in Nov 2016.”

Me too – I paid €400 – what did I do wrong?

“So please don’t ask me about Brexit. It had nothing to do with me! I’ll just be relieved when it’s all over and people again ask me, whether I happen to know the British friend of their sister in London”.

I often got the “do you know such & such?” too and I have to hang my head in shame when I say it became a bit of a pet hate. Now I too long for those days back when I can reply with an excited voice and a sly smile on my face “You know so and so too, you wouldn’t believe it (s)he lives next door to me, small world, eh?!!!!”

Naughty, isn’t it?! I know!

general election (Unterhauswahl), to ram (sth) down sb’s throat (jdm etw eintrichtern), impact (Auswirkung), to be sick of sth (etw satthaben), to cope (zurechtkommen), OTT (over-the-top ), to nod (nicken), to say out loud (etw laut sagen), quote (Zitat), reflection (überlegung), accusing  (beschuldigend), to be to blame for sth (schuldig sein), “god damn it” (verdammt nochmals), blasphemous language (gotteslästerliche Sprache), to vent one’s anger (seinem Ärger Luft machen ), to bring sth home to sb (jdm etw klarmachen), the generation gap (Generationskonflikt), to prove (beweisen), “Please don’t get me wrong” (Versteht (ihr) mich bitte nicht falsch), “I couldn’t agree more” (völlig übereinstimmen ), fee (Gebühr), to be relieved (erleichtert sein), to happen to know (jdn zufällig kennen), such & such (den und den), to hang one’s head in shame (sich schämen), pet hate (Lieblingshassobjekt), to long for sth (sich nach etw sehnen), sly (verschmitztes Lächeln), naughty (unartig)

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    The good news is: you didn‘t do anything wrong. The lady‘s 255€ only cover the Einbürgerungstest‘s fee. For all further confirmations, documents, and seals that are needed for becoming a German citizen the sum finally increases to about 400€. At least this is nothing you need to worry about. Brexit‘s annoying enough…

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