Early bird catches the worm.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Monday Motivation. Early bird catches the worm.

Not convinced! I’m an early bird at heart and always trying to push the envelope and get up that little earlier. Now I’m at around between 4.30 and 5am. The only downside is, my body clock doesn’t let me sleep in at the weekend!!

Casey Neistat, popular YouTuber and former Navy Seal Commander (American special forces) Jocko Willink are early risers too and present in this vid strong arguments to develop an early bird rhythm in this vid. https://youtu.be/C-Cvl3_CH2A

Here are 10 items of vocabulary to help you understand it.

  1. To head (to a place) = gehen (in eine Bestimmte Richtung)
  2. Non-negotiable = nicht verhandelbar
  3. To pass out = (Am. Eng) schlafen gehen
  4. To be supposed to = sollen
  5. To butcher the bio = das Lebenslauf auseinandernehmen
  6. Arduous (training)= anstrengend
  7. Grind = Plackerei
  8. To be ahead of the curve = der Zeit voraus
  9. To blame sb = jdm die Schuld zuschreiben
  10. At the crack of dawn = bei Tagesanbruch

QOTD. Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird catches the worm (Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund), not convinced (nicht überzeugt), to push the envelope (bis an die Grenze gehen), downside (Kehrseite), to sleep in (sich) ausschlafen, early riser (Frühaufsteher).

P.S. I can highly recommend the Jocko’s book, which aims to help businesses solve their problem with Navy Seal tactics.

Ein Gedanke zu „Early bird catches the worm.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    That’s for sure: I’m thoroughly an early bird. I’d much rather start into the day on my own than in company but the second I open up my eyes I’m full of energy and ready for action. The snooze button is something I only know from hearsay. There’s no leeway: at the crack of dawn I’m awake which is non-negotiable. Only a heavy flu might prevent me from being active and pushing the envelope, but come whatever may I’m still and always an early riser. A few years ago when my health didn’t cause problems an arduous workout belonged to my daily routine, too: two to three hours after breakfast – natural doping with lots of released hormones like endorphin or serotonin. 😉

    In terms of being an early bird I subscribe wholeheartedly to Casey’s, Jocko’s, and your opinion on getting up early. I’ve never missed sleeping in late so far. Would be such a waste of valuable time…

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