‚Everyone hates the office party‘ video. Hits the nail on the head.

It’s that time of year when office parties rear their ugly heads again (Hier: wieder zum Vorschein (negative) kommen) and as usual Foil, Arms and Hog hit the nail on the head with their short sketch ‚Everyone hates the office party‘.

Foil plays the posh boss, Arms is the two-faced (falsch) middle manager, and Hog is the straight-talking employee. The boss has the ‚fantastic‘ idea of arranging an office Christmas party. The middle manager puts on a delighted and excited face for his boss, whilst relaying (weitergeben) the details to his underling (untergebene) he seems far less enthusiastic. Nevertheless he, of course, sticks with company policies to the letter as the British adage (Sprichwort) goes „crawl to the bigwigs and bully the underlings“. (Nach oben buckeln und nach unten treten).

Before watching the video (click here), you may want to check out the vocabulary quiz (Top 20 words & phrases). Good luck!

P.S. You can also grab the vocab list and transcript below, which I used with recent online client sessions. Beware! Only watch the video alone!

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