Fire sale

Wonderful Wednesday Words.

You see these words all over the Internet in big, bold lettering “FIRE SALE TODAY UPTO 70% OFF!”, Mostly in the run-up to  Black Friday and Cyber Monday, after Christmas in the New Year sales or the summer sales. Vendors sometimes pick sale dates, maybe to celebrate a corporate anniversary, the owner’s/bosses birthday or business burning down (Not really, just kidding).

But, indeed, a quick look into the term “fire sale” tells us it originated in reference to the sale of goods at a massive discount due to fire damage. Luckily, nowadays, it has merely come to mean a sale where products are sold cheaply or as we say a bargain.

Everyone loves a good bargain, and why not? So to celebrate Wednesday, and why not? (Not really just kidding). To celebrate the launch of the new look (redesigned inside) “Walking English Dictionary” PDF book, I’m holding a 24 hrs fire sale for a mere €1.99.

bold (fett), in the run-up to (im Vorfeld), vendor (Händler), term (Begriff), discount (Rabat), due to (infolge), damage (Schaden), bargain (Schnäppchen), mere (nur).

Here’s a quick reminder of what it is all about – the sales pitch:

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Sales pitch (Verkaufspräsentation), collection of (Sammlung an), wide selection (große Auswahl), resource (Quelle), to discover (entdecken), to dissect (zerlegen), to digest (verarbeiten).

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