Fun on Friday book in not just about effing and blinding part 1.

On Friday I launched the 4th Teatime Titbits book with the title Fun on Friday: Fun, Frolics and F-bombs. If you have followed Teatime Titbits for any time you know that Fun on Friday posts are no-holds-barred and CAN cover aspects of English you don’t usually find in other business English language blogs.

Naturally, I’m of the belief that these things are actually very useful to know –at least passively so you understand everything a native might throw at you – from informal phrases to slang and swear words. And that is, indeed, how the FOF book is set up – from informal to bad language with only the last 2 chapters, which really go into the nitty gritty of bad language.

In my point of view, anyone who has dealings with native speakers of English is well-advised to read this book in order to better understand what I call the real McCoy – the secret language of natives, which will always give them an unfair advantage over their non-native counterparts in business situations from small talk to negotiations, FOF lets you into the secret language of the natives and goes a long way to cancelling out the unfair advantage because you will be in the know too!

Every day this week I’ll publish a post from the FOF to show you it’s not all about effing and blinding, with the exception of Friday itself when it is literally all about effing and blinding. If you look in free PDF section, you can download the ‘What’s inside the Fun on Fridays PDF sample and I’ve extended the launch sale till midnight tonight at the miniscule price of €2.99. More value than you can shake a stick at!

Effing & blinding (heftic fluchen), frolic (Scherze), F-bomb (F-wort), no-holds-barred (ohne Kompromisse), to be of the belief (glauben), swear words (Schimpfwörter), to go into the nitty gritty of sth (ins Details gehen), to have dealings with sb (mit jdm im Geschäft sein), to be well-advised to do sth (gut beraten sein, etw zu tun), the real McCoy (der wahre Jakob), unfair advantage (unlauterer Vorteil), counterparts (Pendant), negotiations (Verhandlungen), to cancel sth out (ausstreichen), to extend (verlängern), miniscule (winzig), more value than you can shake a stick at! (hier: unglaubliches Mehrwert-Produkt)

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