Fun on Friday book in not just about effing and blinding part 2.

Guess what there was even a quiz section. What about this one for size?Any ideas what we mean in English when we say that a person or a thing is

1) a clock-watcher

2) to be henpecked

3) a godsend

4) a stickler

5) a conman

6) to be double Dutch

7) to be knackered

8) to be skint

9) to be famished

10)a stick-in-the-mud

Answers template

1) …..

2) …..

3) …..

4) …..

5) ……

6) ……

7) …….

8) ……

9) ……

10) ……


1) a clock-watcher = a worker who is always checking the time to make sure that they do not work longer than they need to

2) henpecked = a man who has a wife who is always telling him what to do, and he is too weak to disagree with her

3) a godsend = something good that happens unexpectedly and helps sb/sth when they need help

4) a stickler = a person who thinks that a particular quality or type of behaviour is very important and expects other people to think and behave in the same way

5) a conman = a man who tricks others into giving him money, etc.

6) double Dutch = speech or writing that is impossible to understand, and that seems to be nonsense

7) knackered = very tired (slang)

8) skint = have no money (slang)

9) famished = very hungry = starving

10)a stick-in-the-mud = a person who refuses to try anything new or exciting

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