Fun on Friday: Fancy a rant?

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Fun on Friday: Fancy a rant?

It’s that day of the week again, where we can let our hair down (sich gehen lassen) and look at some less serious side of English. ‘to rant’ is when you speak or complain about something in a loud and/or angry way.

Everyone loves a rant every now and again to vent or in other words let off steam (Luft ablassen) and get something off one’s chest (sich etw von der Seele reden).

As you can see below, it’s a very simple construction but do you know all the possibilities, when it comes to ‘choosing’ your words correctly:

“What really (anger / annoys / gets / bugs / riles / pisses me off) is (that) …….”

You can get away with (mit etw davon kommen) the first 3 in a professional situation whereas bugs etc are better placed down the pub.

This construction can also be used in other situations e.g. to express surprise/disbelief:

“What really (surprises / amazes / confuses / astounds me) is (that) …….”

Another great phrase is “It beggars belief” (es ist unfassbar) and when I think of the word ‘beg’, you can also disagree with someone by using “I beg to differ” (“Ich bin anderer Ansicht”) or what about “It begs the question” (Damit stellt sich die Frage) for your meetings.

Anyway, here’s a RANT I prepared earlier:

“What really f**king pisses me off is this damn incessant rain”(Dauerregen).

See, I already feel much better!! Thank you. Happy ranting and have a nice (rain free) weekend!!!! C u Monday.

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