Fun on Friday (FOF) book Launch tomorrow.

We all get a kick out of learning bad language words/phrases in a foreign language. Maybe so we can give our teachers the finger because they didn’t teach us the real McCoy in school.

Fun on Friday (FOF) is an extension to our finger. It goes where others won’t namely right into the heart of F bombs and Co. BUT wait FOF is much more than a Walking English Dictionary of bad language and swear words!

Oh yes, it goes into informal English, phrasal verbs, colloquialisms and idioms as well as good old beautiful slang. It offers you some fun topical chapters, fun quizzes, fun translations, fun stories/poems and even a chapter on learning from videos, jokes and lyrics à la Teatime Titbits, an edutaining & fun way.

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to delight your native colleagues, clients and friends with your new found ‘real McCoy’ English. What’s more, if they are NOT impressed, you will be a lot better equipped to tell them to take a running jump – “Go & take a running jump!”

Check tomorrow’s post for the link. Starting at €2.99.

to get a kick out of sth (Freude an etw haben), to give sb the finger (jdm. den Stinkefinger zeigen), the real McCoy (der wahre Jakob), extension (Verlängerung), F-bomb (F-Wort), a Walking English Dictionary (ein wandelndes Lexikon), swear words (Schimpfwörter), phrasal verbs (Verb plus Partikel), colloquialism (Umgangssprache), idiom (Redewendung), poem (Gedicht), lyrics (Liedtext), to delight sb (jdn entzücken), what’s more (darüber hinaus), to be impressed (beeindrückt sein), to be well-equipped (gut ausgerüstet), to take a running jump (abhauen), “Go & take a running jump!” (Du kannst mich mal)

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