Fun on Friday: Funny Xmas cards and why

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Fun on Friday: Funny Xmas cards and why

Hi Teatime Titbiters, as you know Brits love to send Xmas cards and a lot want to move away from the more traditional cards to humorous/rude cards.

Whenever you have a bit of time on your hands today, you may want to check out the following webpage:

I chose my 5 faves just from the 1st page and I’ll do my best to explain what is funny about the cards –

Postcard 1.

Weather’s crap = ‘crap’, ‘buggered’, ‘be in a strop’ mean ‘shit’ , ‘be broken’ and ‘in a bad mood/pissed off ‘

Postcard 2.

Build a giant snowman = ‘don’t be soft’, ‘bollocks’ mean ‘stupid/crazy’, ‘balls = Eier’

Postcard 3.

Sucks up to them before Xmas = ‘to suck up (to sb)’ means to try to please sb (in authority) by praising them too much, helping them, etc., = sich bei jdm einschmeicheln

Postcard 4.

Seasonal cutbacks = ‘cutback’ is a way of saving money.

Postcard 5

I’ve kept the receipts’ = ‘receipt’ is the piece of paper that shows that goods or services have been paid for.


If you dare (etw wagen)– check out RUDE ones – they certainly tickled my tinsel (made me laugh).

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