Fun on Friday: What’s cooking?

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Fun on Friday: What’s cooking?

Don’t you just hate it when you take foreign guests/clients to your company canteen or to a local restaurant (with no English menu) and you have to explain what the dishes are?

Look no further, Teatime Titbits to the rescue! On today’s menu:
Starter: Kraftbrühe mit Eierstich.
Main course: Rheinischer Sauerbraten mit Knödel
Dessert: Rote Grütze

Kraftbrühe mit Eierstich: Consommé, (clear soup made with stock) with squares of scrambled egg. (KISS explanation)
Rheinischer Sauerbraten mit Knödel: (marinated) braised beef “Rhineland Style” with dumplings (often served with Rotkohl (red cabbage))
Rote Grütze: Red berry compote (jelly)

Yummy – “Enjoy your meal” or in slang British English “Dig in”

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