Wonderful Wednesday Word.  

The Beeb (BBC) beat me to it! I’ve been meaning to write about this term, which I first heard at the beginning of the Corona crisis and the ensuing lockdown in the UK.

Needless to say, I didn’t get around to it and now the BBC learning English has beaten me to it. Just yesterday I got the notification on my mobile and I thought to myself, “bother, blast, bugger!!”, and other (swear) words to that effect.

My second thought was, “Duh, the lovely Beeb did all the hard work for me! All I have to do is put a link to the website and that’s that!” So there you go, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of the folks at BBC Learning English, enjoy.


Me again! Did you know that you can download the BBC Learning English app?  On a scale of good to great, this app is the greatest!

Have a great Wednesday.

To beat sb to it (jdm zuvorkommen), to mean to do sth (etw zu tun beabsichtigen), term (Begriff), ensuing (nachfolgend), needless to say (unnötig zu erwähnen), to get around to doing sth (dazu kommen etwas zu tun),  notification (Benachrichtigung), bother (Mist!), blast (Verdammt!), bugger (Scheiße!), swear word (Schimpfwort), duh (Du Dummkopf), and that’s that (Und damit hat sich’s),  to leave sb in the hands of sb (jdn in jds Obhut übergeben)

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