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Interested in travelling, history, technology, geography & general knowledge? Well today’s you’re lucky day as I’ll introduce a vlog I subscribe to per topic and as always an example vid to whet your appetite.

The guys at Expedia offer great destination videos to give you the lowdown of the places in advance to help you kick off your itinerary planning as well as gently prodding you into booking via Expedia. Check out the one on Cairns*, Australia and notice the ‘persuasive’ language (lush green jungle, sparkling blue coral sea etc) give examples) they use to seduce us into shouting at the top of our voice, “Where’s the VISA card, darling? We’re flying to Cairns tomorrow!”.*Click to watch vid.

I love history, you too? A very packed niche, but ‘History with Hilbert’ does a great job of making often complicated historical topics/events easy to understand. Let’s stick with the topic Australia, click there to watch his video “The history of Australia”.

Are you into finding out about all the tech novelties from cameras to cars and software to smart phones?  Check out Marques Brownlee, who has made a name for himself as the YouTuber, who checks out and gives his honest take on the product. In the following video , he checks out the Tesla 3 model.

As an avid traveller and would-be explorer, Geography Now, gives you just that – the geographies of pretty much any country in the world and for extra measure looks at the population/politics/practical cultural tips for the country. How well do you know Germany? Check out the Germany episode:  . Beware he speaks quickly because he’s got a lot to say.

Finally, how could I end today without reminding you about Thoughty2, who never ceases to come up with illuminating topics, which he presents in his own upbeat, well-scripted, informative and fun way. Just go and binge-watch his videos and marvel at his versatility when it comes to his range of topics. Here’s a link to his latest vid. : to get you started.

general knowledge (Allgemeinwissen), to subscribe (abonnieren), to whet sb’s appetite (jdm Lust auf mehr machen), destination (Reiseziel), lowdown (Infos) itinerary planning (Reiseroutenplannung), to prod sb (jdn anspornen), to notice (zur Kenntnis nehmen) ‘persuasive’ (überzeugungskräftig), to seduce sb (hier: jdn zu etw verführen), packed (hier: sehr voll), novelties (Neuheiten), to make a name for oneself (sich einen Namen machen), to give one’s take on sth (seine Ansicht geben), avid (begeistert), would-be (möchtegerne), explorer (Entdeckungsreisender) , beware (Achtung), to remind sb about sth/sb (jdn an etw erinnern), to cease (aufhören), to come up with sth (sich etw ausdenken), illuminating (aufschlussreich), upbeat (fröhlich), well-scripted (gut geschrieben), to binge-watch sth (etw bingen), to marvel at sth (über etw staunen), versatility (Vielseitigkeit), range of topics (Themenauswahl)

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