General Interest Vlogs. Part 2.

Last Thursday I looked at general interest topics and covered holidays, history, tech, geography and finally Thoughty2, who you just can’t pigeon hole! What general interest topics do I have in store for you today? Will construction projects, statistics/comparisons, health, environment, language learning do? Hmm, some of these may seem to you to be a bit ‘dry’. But, trust me the following vlogs do great jobs at making a potential dry topic for some, come alive for everyone – well, nearly everyone.

Personally, I’m fascinated by construction projects and the amazing feats we humans are able to achieve, if we puts our minds to it. It reminds me of the Henry Ford quote “Whether you think you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right”. The channel ‘The B1M’ is now your wow place, and this vid is one of the wowest (my word! The biggest ‘wows’) videos, about ‘A tunnel project in Norway’. Click link. Seeing is believing!

Infographics Show started with military comparisons, for instance, if the USA and Russian went to war, who would win? They compared the assets of both sides to reach a conclusion. In the meantime, they’ve always branched out into other topics. Wanna watch the vid: ‘This is the hardest language in the world’ ? Click link.

Dr Berg is an American Dr and vlogger who does fantastic short videos on health topics and was the one that introduced me into the benefits of ‘Intermittent fasting’ . If you are more interested in the fitness side of health as well as the ‘fasting’ thing, Thomas DeLauer is your best bet. In fact, he actually started a 30 day intermittent fasting weight loss challenge with full meal plan on January 2. This video tells you all about it. Click link

During my Intermittent fasting journey and my curiosity to find out how it works or at least compare what Dr Berg has to say with others, I came across the channel “What I’ve learnt”. He literary tells us what he’s learned about a topic, but not in a shallow way, but in a very deep and, dare I say, more academic way. Nonetheless, through his engaging script and voice as well as (fun) visuals he’s able the make the academic interesting. Here’s one about ‘how to learn language’

Here’s your bonus today, similar to Langfocus (see last Tuesday’s post – click link) , NativLang also looks at various aspects of languages. Here are too great ones: ‘Features English is missing – but most other languages have.’ and the opposite ‘What English does – but most languages can’t.’ Click links.

Watchmojo (Infotainment) usually do TOP 10 (20) etc list videos about films, celebrities, etc but also more serious topics like ‘Top10 dangers facing our planet’ – hold on tight! Click link.

Hope you find something there to get interested, inspired and even hooked to (in a good way)!

general interest (Allgemeininteresse), to pigeon-hole sb  (jdn in eine Schublade stecken), to have in store (etw auf Lager haben), feat (Kunststück/Kraftakt), to put one’s mind to sth (sich auf etw konzentrieren), “seeing is believing” (Sehen heißt glauben), comparison (Vergleich), asset (hier: militärische Geräte/Personal), to reach a conclusion (zu einem Ergebnis kommen), in the meantime (mittlerweile), to branch out (sich verzweigen), benefits (Vorteile), to be sb’s best bet (das Beste, was jd tun kann), weight loss (Gewichtsabnahme), curiosity (hier: Wissbegierde), to come across sth (auf etw stoßen), shallow (oberflächlich), “dare I say” (wage Ich zu behaupten), nonetheless (Nichtdestotrotz), engaging (fesselnd), celebrities (Promis), hold on tight (halte dich fest), to get/be hooked to (Feuer und Flamme sein),

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