Getting to Grips with* ‘get’ 1.

Check out today’s Teatime Titbit: Wonderful Wednesday Words: Getting to Grips with* ‘get’ 1.

If you were to take the time to read and digest (etw (geistig) verarbeiten)) the ‘to get’ definition on the Oxford Advanced English Dictionary website, you would probably still be there next Christmas and why would you when Teatime Titbits can give you the condensed lowdown (Infos)?

Needless to say (Selbstverständlich), this entails (beinhalten) sifting through (durchgehen) a mighty 27 individual definitions, over a magnificent 16 idioms and not to mention a mega 77 different phrasal verbs. As ever, all good things come in 5, so watch out for the next few posts in the coming weeks/month.

I will assume (annehmen) everybody already knows the following: ‘to get’ as in receive sth, obtain sth, and to fetch sth etc.

1.‘Get’ can also mean ‘to understand sth – “I don’t get you”

  1. ‘to annoy sb – “What gets me is having to get up so early”.
  2. Here’s a great idiom – ‘be getting on for’ meaning to be nearly a particular time, age or number: “It must be getting on for 5 o’clock.”
  3. and 2 phrasal verbs to go. ‘to get at sb’ – “Why are you always getting at me” (to keep critizing sb)

5.’to get on to sb’ – “Get on to Dave about it, maybe he knows what to do about it” (to contact sb by telephone, letter, e-mail).

Hope they helped you to get to grips with* (mit etw klarkommen) GET. So now you’d better get back to the grind (hier: Arbeit) otherwise you might get a telling-off (eine Standpauke bekommen) by your boss.

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