Getting to grips with ‘get‘ 2.

Getting to grips with ‘get‘ 2.

If you were to take the time to read and digest (etw (geistig) verarbeiten)) the ‘to get’ definition on the Oxford Advanced English Dictionary website, you would probably still be there next Christmas and why would you when Teatime Titbits can give you the condensed lowdown (Infos)?

Needless to say (Selbstverständlich), this entails (beinhalten) sifting through (durchgehen) a mighty 27 individual definitions, over a magnificent 16 idioms and not to mention a mega 77 different phrasal verbs. As ever, all good things come in 5, so watch out for more posts in the future.

Here are 5 other definitions you’ll definitely need at work.

  1. to contact sb (by telephone) “I wanted to speak tot he manager but I got his secretary instead.“
  2. to make /persuade sb to do sth “I’ll get my assistant to take care of it for you.“
  3. to cause sth to happen “Do you think you will get the work finished/done by Friday?“
  4. to answer the phone “Get the phone, please, would you?
  5. to confuse sb. “Did Dave finish that job on time?“ “You’ve got me there (= I don’t know), you’ll have to ask him yourself“.

Dave “Yes, I did, it wasn’t perfect, but I got there in the end and on time“. ‘to get there‘ is an idiom, which means to achieve your aim or complete the task.

Finally, what about 5 phrasal verbs before you

  1. get back to work (i.e. (d.h) = to return to sth) and communications is the name of the game (sich um etw drehen) with these 4 phrasal verbs.
  2. to get sth across (to sb) = to be communicated or understood.“The boss is very good at getting his ideas across”
  3. to get back to sb = to speak or write to sb again later, especially in order to give a reply. “I’ll find out and get back to you”
  4. get through to sb = to make sb understand or accept what you say, especially when you are trying to help them.“ I find it impossible to get through to her how important this is“.

Have a great sunny Thursday. TC. Dave

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