Getting (your) graffiti wrong!

How embarrassing getting graffiti wrong! You would have thought doing his homework first would be a no-brainer (Das versteht sich von selbst). But not for our Brian, in a flash of madness, he ran out, paint & brush in hand and started daubing (etw pinseln) “Romans go home“ in Latin (or so he thought).

 Luckily, a passing (on foot patrol) Roman centurion noticed Brian‘s abysmal (grottenschlect) attempt (Versuch) at Latin, and took it upon himself (etw auf sich nehmen) to coach him to the correct version and told him to repeat it 100 times.

 For help with your graffitti, mail centurioncoachings@lifeof

 To relive this epic scene form Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian‘, push the link to youtube


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