Good try No1.

“You‘re getting on my alarm clock“ Nice try! As visions of me trying to stand on an alarm clock go rushing through my head. Doesn’t really work in English.

Here are some 11 real English options from soft to slang to OFFENSIVLEY slang.

You are getting on my nerves

You are getting up my nose

You are driving me up the wall

You are (really) bugging me

You are a (real) pain in the neck /rear (Hintern)

Not for the faint hearted (nichts für schwache Nerven), DON’T read the next 3. YOU WERE WARNED!

You are getting on my tits

You are a pain in the ass (A.E.)/arse (Br. E)

You’re (really) pissing /f**king me off

Stay tuned for another ‘Good try!‘ and have a wonderful weekend.








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