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With today’s Tuesday Teaser you can check on how well you know your English grammar. Can you tell the difference between A & B in the following phrases? Beware there is a trick question.

1.A) What does he do?

      B) What is he doing?

2. A) I’ve worked for the company for 10 years

      B) I worked for the company for 10 years

3. A) Jenny has gone on holiday

      B) Jenny has been on holiday.

4. A) Paul used to work for us

      B) Paul is used to working for us.

5. A) They would accept the terms, if we moved on the price

      B) They would have accepted the terms, if we had moved on the price.

6. When we left the office the rain stopped.

      B) When we left the office the rain had stopped.

7. A) We mustn’t increase prices until September.

B) We don’t have to increase prices until September.

8. A) Let him do it on his own

    B) Let him do it by himself.

9. A) I remember asking him for the latest sales figures.

B) I remembered to ask him for the latest sales figures.

10) A) I’m travelling to Münster on Thursday next week.

B) I’m going to travel to Münster next week.

MOT (TÜV), trick question (Fangfrage).

Answers @ Grammar MOT Answer Sheet.

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  1. Jenny Antworten

    These are the tricky parts of language. Fine nuances can make a difference. Thanks for the brush up!

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