Great English Words 1.

I love the word ‘Shenanigans‘ (Spielereien) or to as the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary puts it “a secret or dishonest activities that people find interesting or amusing“. I love the sound, dropping it into conversation and watching a confused (verwirrt) look develop on the faces of most people (natives and advanced speakers excluded) I speak to as the translation mode in their heads gets stuck on the word. “She ……..what was the word? “

Anyway, here’s a little shout out to one of favourite words in the English language. It also had the honour of being the ‘word of the day‘ in the Merriam Webster back in 08.

Why not check out the brief podcast to give you an idea of how you can use the word live?

And be pleased as punch (sich freuen wie ein Schneekönig) as YOU see puzzled looks on other people’s faces. If anyone asks, you know where you heard it first, don’t you?

Have a great Wednesday and I want no shenanigans today, pretty please (Ach bitte, bitte)

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