Guess who.

During some recent research I stumbled upon (zufällig auf etw stoßen) the following ten tips for happiness:

  1. Live and let live.
  2. Be giving of yourself to others.
  3. Proceed (vorangehen) calmly in life.
  4. Have a healthy sense of leisure.
  5. Sunday is for family.
  6. Be creative with young people and find innovative ways to create dignified jobs.
  7. Respect and take care of nature.
  8. Stop being negative. Letting go of negative things quickly is healthy.
  9. The worst thing of all is religious proselytism, which paralyzes.
  10. Work for peace. We are living in a time of many wars. The call for peace must be shouted.

Which motivational guru came up with these nuggets of wisdom (Lebensweisheiten)? Any guesses? The Pope, of course.

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