GYG 35 Song on Friday: If I lay here ..

Remember the great song by Snow Patrol entitled Chasing Cars? As always they pulled off a massive song with moving lyrics and music.

Vid with lyrics

Original vid:

But hold on now there, did you ever ask yourself “Why ‘lay’ and not ‘lie’”? If you watch the video, you’ll understand that the lead singer is asking somebody to ‘lie’ next to him on the road and watch cars – pretty dangerous & stupid right?!

That’s why they use ‘lay’ – the past tense form of ‘lie’, because it is an unreal, imaginary situation. In this case we use the second conditional in English e.g. “If + past tense form, would + infinitive.”

So from the last line of the lyrics, “if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

Don’t know about you, I certainly would!

Enjoy the song and have a great weekend.

to be entitled (betitelt), to pull sth off  (etw schaffen), massive song (hier: erfolgreiches Lied), moving (rühend), lyrics (Liedtext), to hold on (warten), lead singer (Frontsänger), imaginary (erfunden)

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