GYG Day 20: Fun on Friday: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Do you recognise the title from anywhere else? Seconds of head-scratching, chin-stroking in deep thought while starring into space later – U2, you cry?!?! – no, not the underground /subway line!

Yes, of course, the Irish band of the same name. This is one of my favourite U2 songs, which always gives me goose bumps as mind is cast back to some far-flung part of my past when life seemed a fuck of a lot easier – probably cos it was – I was student!!!!!

This song title is a perfect example of the ‘past perfect’ (Dave’s name) aka present perfect (grammar term)! You don’t actually see the word ‘yet’ in the title, but the notion that the person hasn’t found (a search, which started in the past and is still going on till now), what he is looking for YET.

If you want to sing along, check out this link: . If you would prefer just to watch the original vid, then click on this link: .

Back to TFIF (Dave’s name: “Thank f**k it’s Friday) aka TGIF (common expression – Thank God it’s Friday). Have you planned your weekend yet?

Whatever you maybe do, do it well and have a great weekend.

Yours Dave

To scratch one’s head (sich am Kopf kratzen), to stroke one’s chin  (sich über das Kinn streichen), deep in thought (tief in Gedanken versunken), to stare into space (ins Leere starren), goosepimples (UK) bumps (US) (Gänsehaut), to cast one’s mind back to sth (an etw zurückdenken), far-flung (entlegen), probably (Wahrscheinlich), cos  (short form – because), notion (Vorstellung/Gedanke)

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To recommend (empfehlen), commission (Provision),

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