GYG Day 27. Can you make a promise properly?

Did you think this is a Tuesday Teaser? Sorry, I have to disappoint you. Never fear, I’ve planned in a ‘teaser’ this week. It’s on Fun on Friday with 2 videos to boot.

At the end of a telephone call you often make some kind of promise to the other and German speakers often say something like: “I call you back first thing tomorrow”.

We actually use the future ‘will’ form so “I’ll call you back first thing tomorrow”

Here are some other examples:

“I’ll write/mail* you the details in due course.”

“I’ll ask/have a word with* my boss and get back to you a.s.a.p.”

“I’ll process/get right on with* processing your order.”

“I’ll put/pop* the confirmation in the mail immediately.”

“I’ll arrange/set up* an appointment with XYZ and send you confirmation.”

“I’ll look into the matter/it* and get back to you as soon as I can.”

“I’ll sleep on the matter/it* and give my decision before the end of the week.”

“I’ll let you know my ETA (= estimated time of arrival = voraussichtliche Ankunftszeit) as soon as I get around to* arranging the flight.”

“I’ll be in touch.”

“I’ll have my assistant take care of it and you’ll have it before the end of the day.”

And please don’t make the typical “We’ll see us on Friday” mistake, say “I’ll see you on Friday.”

Happy promising! But remember to only make promises you can keep – it’s bad to break a promise.

* (colloquial)

To disappoint sb (jdn enttäuschen), never fear (keine Angst), to boot (obendrein), in due course (zur gegebener Zeit), to get right on with sth (gleich mit etw. anfangen), to look into the matter/it (der Sache nachgehen), to sleep on the matter/it (etw überschlafen), to get around to sth (zu etw kommen)

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