GYG Day 33. If money were no object…

Easter is around the corner – any plans? Are you off on a short break, a holiday or simply chilling out at home, practising geocaching with eggs in the garden?

Now just close your eyes for a second and imagine you had more money than you could eat, you owned a private jet, complete with pilot, where would you jet off to?

Any grammar savvy bods (people) out there will recognise the so-called 2nd conditional structure. It is used to talk about something that is ‘imaginary’ or ‘unreal’ now! A common example is ‘If I won the lottery, I would buy a Ferrari’ = you haven’t won it unfortunately, but let’s imagine you did.

A quick review on how to build the sentence. Maybe try to remember it as a mathematical formula:

If + past tense form** = would + infinitive form of verb

“If money were no object, I would jet off to Oz (Australia).”

So back to my QOTD, ”Where would you jet off to, if money were no object?”

**It’s got nothing to do with the past, it’s just used as a way to ‘distance’ us from ‘reality’.

If money were no object* (Wenn Geld keine Rolle spielen …….), to be off (unterwegs sein), savvy (clever), bods (people)

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