GYG Day 45. The grammar of possibility

Looking at the difference between ‘may‘ and  ‘might‘ yesterday reminded me of an  “How to talk about future holidays” overview  I use in sessions. Find out why we use younger sis ‘may’ & older bro ‘might’ when talking about future holidays by click on the link to grab the free PDF.

As it’s Friday and we are in the midst of the Corona crisis, I thought, there couldn’t be a better time to talk about something more positive like holidays than now!!!!

I dug deep into my video vocab sheets, rummaged around and viola, what about a short Expedia (no, I’m not an affiliate) vacation travel guide of Cairns (Australia)?

I love the use of salesy holiday adjectives to ‘sell’ you the holiday. Below there are 9 adjectives, which stick out like a sore thumb. Can you hear them when you watch the vid?

BTW, I’ve been to Cairns and it really is beautiful. If this vid mentally booked your next holiday, please send me a postcard when you get there.

unique – einzigartig

lush (green) – sattgrün

sparkling (blue) – funkeln

picturesque (harbour) – malerisch

gentle (waves) – sanft

sheltered (Trinity Beach) – geschützt

quaint – hier: altmodisch

scenic – malerisch

palm – fringed (beaches) – von Palmen gesäumt

to grab sth (sich etw schnappen), in the midst of (mitten in), to dig deep into sth (tief in etw greifen), to rummage around (herumwühlen), salesy (vertrieblich), to stick out like a sore thumb (auffallen wie ein bunter Hund)

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