GYG Day 5. Getting (your) graffiti wrong!

How embarrassing getting your graffiti wrong! You would have thought doing his homework first would be a no-brainer. But not for our Brian, in a flash of madness, he ran out, paint & brush in hand and started daubing „Romans go home“ in Latin (or so he thought) on a wall.

Luckily, a passing (on foot patrol) Roman centurion noticed Brian abysmal attempt at Latin and took it upon himself to coach him to the correct version and told him to repeat it 100 times. Yes, repetition, by far the best way to learn – well done, centurion!

To relive this epic scene from Monty Python’s ‚Life of Brian‚, click the link.

Wanna get your graffiti checked, why not try out Grammarly? Ideal for anyone who wants their graffiti to be right. Use the affiliate link to find out more about Grammarly.

no-brainer (Das versteht sich von selbst), to daub (etw pinseln), abysmal (grottenschlect),  attempt (Versuch),  to take sth upon oneself (etw auf sich nehmen),

2 Gedanken zu „GYG Day 5. Getting (your) graffiti wrong!

  1. Jenny Antworten

    Even worse than getting graffiti wrong would be getting your tattoo wrong! And I‘m sure you wouldn‘t allow the artist to repeat the correct version a hundred times on your skin even though it might look interesting in the end. 😉

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