GYG Day 53. Got vs gotten

It’s a British English (got) vs American English (gotten) thing in that other, end of the post, thank you.

What, still there?!?! OK, OK, let’s look at a few examples to explain what I mean?

Before that, a BRIEF rant as this is a Tiny Titbit today. I’ve often heard about school teachers favouring British or American and INSISTING their preference is the be-all and end-all. It’s complete and utter bullshit, and if I could ever catch a teacher talking like that, I would slap them in the face (please don’t do this at home kids) and tell them to wash their mouth out with soap and water (a Dave phrase).

It doesn’t matter at all. The only caveat, be consistent, if you speak/write (especially as it’s printed) try to follow the rules concerning vocabulary, spelling, slang and, of course, grammar. RANT OVER

Got (British English) and gotten (American English) are the past participle form of the verb ‘get’, which is 3rd column of verbs in the standard list of ‘Irregular verbs’ or found in all grammar book/dictionaries.

British: “We have got over 200 enquiries about the job.”

American: “We have gotten over 200 inquiries about the job.”

This is really the end of post. Bye.

brief (kurz), rant (Tirade), to insist (beharren), be- all and end-all (das Ein und Alles), complete and utter bullshit (kompletter Unsinn), to slap sb’s face (jdn ohrfeigen), caveat (Mahnung), inquiries (Anfragen)

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