GYG Day 59. Speak like a native. SLN 2

Yesterday we talked about the secret language of the natives. Did you know there are complete books as well as comprehensive online lists of phrasal verbs? All very well, IF you will look at, learn and use them.

I’m a big believer in piecemeal learning, titbits at a time! You choose and focus on learning JUST a limited number today, tomorrow you start with the next set and so on.

As all good things come in 5s –– so here are ‘your 5 a day’ phrasal verbs for today. Firstly, I’ll present the phrasal verb, followed by the general English synonym. Last but not least, I’ve included an example to show the phrasal verb (bold) in action. Enjoy!

Eyes down for your first phrasal: take sb on = to employ sb = “We’ve ‘taken on’ 5 new IT specialists to meet the growing demand.” step down = to resign = “The Prime Minister was forced to step down after a series of scandals.”

3. to call for sth = to publically ask for sth to happen = In the wake of the recent cyberattacks, police chiefs are calling for more funding to combat cybercrime.

4. to put sth down to sth = to attribute to sth = Many scientists put the rising sea levels down to global warming and the melting of the polar caps.

5. to tell sb off = to reprimand = I can’t believe he just told him off in front of all the colleagues.

Check out the final days of the Grow Your Grammar challenge up to and including Good Friday next week. I’ll fill your toolkit with phrasal verbs for your daily business, telephoning, meetings, mails and socializing as well as the fun (stuff) on FRIDAYS.

comprehensive (umfassend), piecemeal (Stückweise), limited (begrentzt), set (Satz), last but not least (zu gutter Letzt), to include (hier: einfügen), bold (fett), demand (Nachfrage), in the wake of (infolge), recent (neueste), to attribute to sth (zuschreiben), to reprimand (jdn zurechtweisen)


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