GYG Day 60. Fun on Friday. 5 fun phrasal verbs to sex up your English.

As we found out in yesterday’s blog, the phrasal verb is the secret language of native speakers and is something non-natives understandably have difficulty with.

So here are 5 more phrasal verbs (in bold) to sex up your English:

(At work, in a meeting) “Listen up everyone, we’ve got a lot to get through, so let’s crack on“. (to crack on)

(Arriving home) “Ok, I’ll just rustle up some grub.“ (to rustle up)

(After meal) “You must have been hungry the way you wolfed the meal down“. (to wolf sth down)

(Later 2 blokes in the pub)

 “Did you see that, the woman at the bar tried to get off with me” (to get off with sb)

“Ya, ya, pull the other one!“

(Food for thought on Friday) “Keep calm and carry on“ (to carry on) – a very typical British cultural quirk  – ‘Always keep a stiff upper lip‘.

Did you know it originated as propaganda poster by the British government in WW2, which was never actually made public until it was discovered as recently as 2000? (thanx wikipedia) and look was came out of that discovery:

P.S. Which one was your favourite phrasal verb?    

phrasal verb e.g. to put sth (= a meeting) off (Verb plus Partikel z.B. etw verschieben), to crack on (weitermachen), to rustle sth (grub = food) up (“kurz was zu Essen machen“), to wolf sth (the meal) down (etw. hinunterschlingen), blokes (Kerle), to get off with sb (jdn anmachen), “Pull the other one!” (Das kannst Du anderen weismachen!), “Keep calm and carry on!” (Bleib ruhig und mach weiter!), cultural querk (Eigenart), “Always keep a stiff upper lip.” (Halt die Ohren Steif / Trag’s mit Fassung), to make sth public (etw an die Öffentlichkeit bringen), to discover (entdecken), as recently as (erst).


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2 Gedanken zu „GYG Day 60. Fun on Friday. 5 fun phrasal verbs to sex up your English.

  1. Jenny Antworten

    My favourite is „to rustle sth up“. I also like „to crack on“ but I’ve already heard that before. Thus, the new one beats the old one.

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